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Furness Sure Start Children's Centres

Children's Centre services

Children's Centre services

We offer accredited programmes, flexible support and a range of activities to help you and your children thrive.

Dots (Action for Children).  We're making it easier to find parenting advice you can trust.

With advice from Acton for Children's under-fives team.  We'll also signpost you to local services, and the best parenting apps and websites we can find

To find out more, or to join one of our programmes, please get in touch. You can also keep up to date with our activities by joining us on Facebook

Family support

A flexible service delivered according to the needs of children and families. Support can be provided in the following ways: 1-to-1 support, working with children, working with parents or carers, support in the home or in the community, support to access services and groups, and multi-agency working.

If you would like to access our Family Support or are a professional and would like to refer into our Services then please download our Furness Children's Centres Request for Service Form

Young Parents to Be & Parents with Prospects – teenage parents

Young Parents to Be and Parents with Prospects are accredited courses especially for teenage/young parents.  The course consists of a 5-unit portfolio delivered in a relaxed group environment. 1-to-1 support is offered throughout.  The course runs every Tuesday and Wednesday at Greengate Children's Centre for more information contact Gayle Maguire on 01229 821855. 

The Young Parents To Be and Parents with Prospects project had their annual IV inspection and once again received an excellent report. " A holistic provision is offered to all. Delivery is relaxed and informal creating a great rapport between tutors and young parents. Overall this is an excellent provision" 

Antenatal courses – pre-birth

Our 4-week programme, Great Expectations, is for new parents at any stage in pregnancy. It offers extra support to that offered in antenatal classes.  Start 4 Life  gives the essential guide to lots of free tools for having a healthy, happy baby. If choosing to breastfeed it's good to prepare before you have your baby.  It will help you feel more confident when you start breastfeeding your baby, for more information see Breastfeeding: the first few days

Postnatal courses – from birth

Early Days - Information around baby massage, sleep routines, weaning, baby talk and play, first aid, safety and 'baby and me' is available through Health Visitor clinics or our Early Days team.  These happen on the alternative weeks that the Health Visitor clinics occur.  Bookings are arranged during clinics.  

Parents comments:

"Weaning has been most beneficial to me.  It has given me the confidence to try new foods and to let my child experiment with their own food more."

"I feel more confident with First Aid, I knew nothing about that before the course."

"Baby Massage has really helped with my little ones sleep routine as it relaxes him before bed."

Short breaks – children with additional needs (0-4 & 5-8 years)

Programmes and activities designed to offer children with additional needs and their parents the opportunity to play and learn in an environment designed to meet their needs, including construction, sensory and soft play. Groups include Playmax and All of Us.  Find the right Support, Services and Information for your family SENDirect / SEND & The Local Offer

Open Access (birth to walking / walking to 36 months)

A range of activities to support development, bonding and life skills, and covering all aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Groups include Baby Time. Children take everything in, and even the smallest thing you do with them can make a big difference the their Hungry Happy Mind

Targeted and Open Access School Readiness (3-5 years)

A range of activities for toddlers and pre-school children to support their development and life skills, and covering all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage and preparing their transition into school. Targeted groups include BookStart and Ready for Anything. Our Open Access groups include Toddler Time and Little Learners.

Smart Start - (Under 5's)

Engaging young children and their families in fun and effective physical play within Open Access sessions.  Using play and physical activities to create physical and social development of children.  A range of activities which embrace agility, balance, coordination, body confidence and positive body image, healthy eating and oral health are delivered.  Activities are adapted to support the varying needs and abilities of all children. 

Breastfeeding support

We offer skilled and evidence-based breastfeeding support and information on all aspects of breastfeeding for parents and parents-to-be. We have two weekly breastfeeding groups, or can provide individual support either at home or at a Children’s Centre. We have a Breastfeeding Support Line, as well as trained Breastfeeding Supporters who are there to help with any difficulties or questions you may have. There are some great breastfeeding books and DVDs to borrow, too. 


Tesco FareShare Project

Families can receive a bag of groceries once a week to supplement their shopping. The produce is donated by Tesco and is produce that is past its sell by date but still within its use by date. The Tesco FareShare scheme has been in operation since the 4th July 2016. Each week we collect on average 4 large trays of fruit, vegetables and bakery items. Our family workers and invited families can come along and choose a bag of groceries to supplement their food shopping.

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