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Targeted programmes

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We run a range of programmes with specific help and learning opportunities.

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Children's Centre Referral Forms

If you would like to be able to access courses and family support 1-1 that are referral only or you are a professional and would like to refer into our Services then please download one of the following referral forms.  For emerging, identified or increased need download Furness Children's Centres Request for Service Form  Please have a look at our updated Early Help Referral Pathway

Recovery Toolkit

A 12-week group programme for women who have experienced and are recovering from domestic abuse. The course helps women to grow stronger by looking at topics including:

  • abuse
  • how domestic abuse affects children and parenting skills
  • anger and conflict
  • being assertive
  • boundaries and trust
  • setting goals and action planning
  • healthy relationships.

Positive U

 To be held at Walney Children's Centre April - June

A 10-week programme which takes the first steps in improving self-esteem and confidence. We do this through a variety of activities:

  • improve communication skills
  • know the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviours
  • reduce stress
  • help manage feelings of guilt

Please contact Claire Messenger for more details.

The Blues Programme

Action for Children ‘Blues’ engages students (13-19 years) helping to tackle early signs of teenage anxiety and depression.

The course involves weekly one-hour group sessions at school with hole practice assignments. Weekly activity sessions build group rapport (all sessions), cognitive restructuring techniques (sessions 2-4), followed by a range of coping strategies (sessions 5-6).  Home practice assignments apply the skills learning to daily life.  It's simple and it and it works.

Build Sound Minds is a campaign for improving young people's emotional wellbeing.  The site offers advice on how to support your child, and look after yourself.

Helping Hands

A 10 week programme that works with children:

  • to increase children's understanding of feelings safe
  • to explore and promote behaviours
  • to contribute to a safe environment
  • to recognise their own emotions
  • develop their emotional resilience 

Parents Protect!

A 2 hour workshop that aims to prevent child sex abuse by raising awareness and encouraging early intervention by all adults, including abusers themselves:

  • identifying a perpetrator
  • recognising warning signs of a perpetrator
  • create a family safety plan
  • list next steps to protect your family

HENRY (Health, Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young.

An 8 week course to give parents and carers of children up to the age of 5 years tools and skills they need to provide a healthy family lifestyle.  Encouraging parents to look at their lifestyle and parenting and make positive changes:

  • learn more about healthy living
  • address concern around child's weight, by looking at portion sizes and reading labels
  • Encouragement to be more active
  • healthy eating patterns
  • parenting styles

Parents comments: 

"Looking at the activity ideas for different ages and learning about balancing a plate.  I am trying to reduce portion sizes and thinking about parenting styles."

"I have been reflecting on my own parenting styles.  Changes are in progress and I have introduced more guided choices, healthy foods and exercise"    

Incredible Years Baby (birth to 6 months)

A 9-week course for parents or carers and their babies. The programme will help you to:

  • observe and read your baby's cues and signals
  • understand the importance of parental communication for brain development
  • provide babies with visual, auditory and physical stimulation
  • learn about development milestones
  • learn games to play with babies
  • explore strategies to set up predictable routines and bedtime rituals
  • learn how to help babies feel secure and loved.

Incredible Years

A 14 week parenting programme to help parent or carers:

  • to learn new skills and to build on what they already know
  • help to spend more effective time together as a family
  • support in achieving goals that want to be me 

Triple P (for parents/carers of children aged 3-10)

To be held at Hindpool Children's Centre April-June

An 8 week positive parenting programme that promotes:

  • good communication and strong relationships between parents and children.
  • helps parents recognise causes of common behaviour problems and shows ways to encourage desirable behaviour in their children.
  • learning about effective parenting strategies
  • how to promote your child’s development
  • how to manage behavioural problems common in children
  • gain practical skills to help you deal with almost any situation.

Parents comments:

"The course has helped me be more consistent"

"When I am at home I think of all the things I've been taught, it really does work"

"Every parent should do this course"

Pre-Teen Triple P (for parents/carers of children aged 10-12)

Pre-Teen Triple is a 9 week positive parenting programme that can help parents / carers to:

  • cope positively with some of the common issues associated with raising a child entering their teenage years
  • build a stronger relationship with their Pre-Teen
  • resolve conflict
  • manage problem behaviour
  • help their teen stay safe

Holiday Kitchen Programmes

Holiday Kitchen is a targeted programme that runs in the school holidays providing opportunities for identified families to learn how to prepare healthy meals and eat well over the holiday periods.  This includes:

  • understanding how to prepare healthy meals on a budget
  • recognising the advantages of cooking together as a family
  • improving communication whilst enjoying time together
  • transferring these skills to the home environment

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