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Bucks Activity Project

Support Workers FAQs

Do you want to know a bit more about working for Bucks Activity Project? Here we have answered some commonly asked questions to hopefully help you.

When is work available at Bucks Activity Project?

We have support worker roles available at weekends, 8.45-5.15, school holidays, various hours, and a few evenings between 6 and 9.

How old do I have to be to work at Bucks Activity Project?

Staff need to be aged 18 years and over

Do I need any experience to work at Bucks Activity Project?

No, the project is very hands on and you learn from those around you as well as attending training sessions.

I am away at Uni throughout the year but home in the holidays, is there any way I could work at Bucks Activity Project?

Yes - we have casual assistants who are on 0 hour contracts. These are great for people who are at uni or hold full time jobs during the school term. Rather than being committed to hours, you say when you are available and we are able to add you to the rota.

I have worked for you through an agency and would like to work directly for you, how do I go about this?

You will need to go through the normal recruitment process. Follow the links on the Find out more page.

What is expected of me as a support worker?

Your main role is to keep the children safe. You need to be engaging with them and encourage them to participate. Some of the children need more support than others and you will be responsible for ensuring that all their needs are met, including personal care, feeding and medication. All work is completed as part of a team so there is always someone available to support if needed.