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Bucks Activity Project

Skyline 8-14 years

Skyline 8-14 years

A term time club on weekday evenings for 8-14 years. With the opportunity of regularly meeting within a safe and friendly environment to have fun with a group of similar aged peers.

A regular commitment to a term-time after-school session with the same peer group. The sessions are planned to offer a range of age appropriate activities of common interest to the group of children accessing the sessions. The sessions will offer a safe environment to explore, build friendships and have fun together.

Sessions run from:

201 Buckingham Road, Aylesbury

Bellfield House, High Wycombe

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Bucks Activity Project

201 Buckingham Road
HP19 9QF

Tel: 01296 438230

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Working in partnership

Buckinghamshire County Council is working in partnership with Action for Children to commission and fund a range of short break services for disabled children and young people.

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