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Professionals referral

Professionals referral

Referral information for professionals

You can download a copy of our referral form for professionals here. Once completed, please return the form by email to complete. 

 Please note that Action for Children is not a crisis support service. 

If you need urgent support for children living in Derbyshire telephone 'Call Derbyshire' on 01629 533190 or for children living in Derby City telephone 'Care Line' on 01332 786968.

For other support in a crisis, please see the information here

The Changing Lives Service will be unable to provide direct assistance when:

  • Children, young people and their families are currently in receipt of mental health interventions from other agencies (excluding the Kooth service)
  • Children and young people presenting with lower level emerging needs and emotional wellbeing issues who could be supported by universal services
  • Child or young person is not willing to engage
  • Parent/person with parental responsibility does not consent (where child/young person is under 16)
  • Referrals where another service would be more appropriate
  • Complexity of presentation is not suitable for short term intervention
  • The child is in a current mental health crisis*
  • Self-harm which is severe in nature and requires urgent medical attention or where there is a risk of death by misadventure
  • Substance misuse is the primary presenting problem
  • The neuro developmental presentation of the child or young person is severe and enduring and would not be supported by a short-term intervention
  • Where the referrer believes a child or young person requires a neuro-developmental assessment and this is the purpose of the referral

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