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About Separated Parents Information Programme

About Separated Parents Information Programme

Working with separated parents in the best interest of the children.

Separated Parents Information Programme 

Almost all parents who attended one of our Separated Parents Information Programmes found it helpful. The programme encourages parents to take develop agreements that do not need court intervention. The programme also gives ideas and signpost ways in which you can get help outside court, and you are expected to make use of these where possible. If this leads to agreed arrangements that are safe and beneficial for children, the court will help with the process.

It is usually delivered to mixed groups of parents in one four-hour session or sometimes two, two-hour sessions. You must be there for the whole programme.

Separated couples do not go on the same course, but it is important that both parents go on the programme.

It will deal with:

1. What children need when their parents split up.
2. How to understand your relationship with your ex-partner better.
3. Understanding the effect of continuing conflict on children.
4. How to help your child cope better.

The Separated Parents Information Programme leaflet can be accessed at: