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The Course

The Course

The programme will give you lots of information about ways in which you can make your children’s lives easier following separation.

Courts have the power, by making a court order, to direct parents to attend a programme aimed at promoting safe contact with children.

You can be ordered to go to a Separated Parents Information Programme and/or Mediation Information Meeting. Cafcass is usually asked to advise the court if it is suitable for you. You can choose a SPIP provider convenient to you. There is no charge to Cafcass service users for the SPIP. Even if you are not in court you can still attend for SPIP, however there would be a charge for this.

The course

1. Looks at working as separated parents in the best interest of your children.

2. What children need: you will watch a powerful video which demonstrates the impact of communication between parents on the children.

3. You will be asked to think about prepared scenarios from other viewpoints. You will also see and try out some methods that can help both parents react better to stress in practical ways.

4. You will look at the emotional effect of separation or being separated parents and the options for moving forward.