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Dorset Nightstop

How Dorset Nightstop can support you, if you find yourself homeless



If you use the Nightstop service, you will be welcomed into the home of a fully trained volunteer host. Placements are on a one night at a time basis for a maximum of three nights.

As a young person accessing Nightstop you can expect:

  • a safe and secure bed for the night in your own room
  • an evening meal and breakfast
  • washing facilities
  • a listening ear, if you need one, or headspace if you prefer
  • a friendly and free service
  • breathing space to allow you to get any support you need and move towards finding more permanent accommodation

Nightstop aims to keep you in a safe and friendly home environment, while allowing agencies to look at long-term solutions to your homelessness.

One Nightstop service user said:

“They treated me very well and they were very welcoming. I was given food and refreshments and my clothes were washed.”

You can access the Nightstop service via your local housing office, young people's advice and information centres, local child care or leaving care teams, or Citizen's Advice Bureau.  If you are a young person who would like to access Nightstop please contact the project on 01202 525643

Check out our Facebook page for more information about what the project has been doing.


If you'd like more information about the service contact Action for Children Dorset.

Find out about volunteering as a Nightstop host or driver.

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