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Provide training

Provide training

There are a number of ways in which a supporter or partner can be involved in the training element of our programmes.

The involvement can be short or long term, such as offering a site visit to give the trainees an idea of the realities of a building site or long term such as mentoring a young person once they have moved on into employment.

Short term involvement

Short term involvement can include participating in:

  • employability sessions including CV workshops, Employers Expectations, etc
  • mock interviews - these are invaluable to our trainees as they give them the experience of being interviewed by real employers but in a more controlled setting
  • practical sessions - “donate a tradesman” for the day to show the young people the various aspects of the trade or talks about the industry, their role and how they started their career within construction
  • site visits - host a visit for our group of young people onto a live site to show them how the site works and the various roles within the industry

Long term involvement

Long term involvement can include participating in:

  • mentoring
  • providing work trials
  • offering employment

Practical assistance

There are many organisations, especially the larger ones, who find it difficult to support our courses by offering work tasters, but they can offer more practical assistance.

This can be in the form of site visits or coming to meet the young people on the course and offer their experience and tell them of the reality of working in the construction industry.

Employability services e-learning platform 

Over the last few months, Action for Children have been developing an employability platform (external link) as part of an initiative to improve digital literacy in Scotland. 
We offer a small range of courses at the moment, designed to deliver training in a number of topics such as from CV building to health and wellbeing. 
If you would like to use this facility within your own service or network and want to discuss your requirements, or if you have any questions about our pilot, please contact any of our offices for more information. 

How to get involved

A supporter or partner can offer help by contacting any of our offices or our Placement and Progressions Co-Ordinator, Liz Beith.

We can then assess what is offered with regards to the needs of the groups. All offers of help are gratefully received and appreciated.

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Get in touch with one of our offices to find out how your organisation can support young people into employment in Scotland.

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We work with over 50 employers across Scotland, providing opportunities to over 1,000 young Scots each year.

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