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Craig's story - STEM and Employability fund stage 2

Craig's story - STEM and Employability fund stage 2

Craig initially started on a pre-employability course with us early in 2016, but withdrew. A few months on Craig came back to us.

When he first started, he was lacking motivation, still taking part in offending behaviours and was quite unsettled at home due to his behaviours putting a strain on his relationships. Craig disengaged pretty quickly both from the programme and the service as a whole.

Ready to move on

A few months down the line, Craig applied for our STEM Kwik Fit Course. He seemed in a much better place and was more settled at home. He said he had enough of the offending behaviours and was 'sick of being in trouble.'

Craig had matured a lot during his period of disengagement and he was very focused and engaged upon starting the STEM course.

We were so impressed with Craig's maturity and attitude throughout the course that we offered him an Employability fund stage 2 course place.

As part of the Employability fund stage 2 course, Craig attended a two day work experience with the group at Lindsay's scaffolding. Craig made a fantastic impression with his work ethic and attitude and he was chosen to complete a formal work trial with the company.

Part of the team

During the work trial, Craig made a great impression on his colleagues and quickly established himself as part of the team.

He was on time for his 7:30am starts and withdrew from anti-social behaviours entirely. He thrived having a routine and being in an active environment within a team which made him feel very welcome.

Craig was taken onto wages with the company as is still employed by them. During site visits, his confidence has increased significantly and he is a valued member of the team.

Craig has put his Barclays Best Foot Forward funding towards taking a scaffolding specific qualification (COTS) and is continuing to thrive in the work place.