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Robbie's story- Employability Fund Stage 4- Pave Your Way

Robbie on his employment programme with Mulholland in Edinburgh

Robbie was referred to our Employability Fund Stage 4 programme, Pave Your Way in October 2015. After it being assessed, it showed that Robbie did have some barriers to employment however, with support he would be ready to work.

Barriers to employment

When Robbie was initially referred to Action for Children he did not have a great experience at school and had no qualifications. He was also homeless and using drug recreationally.


What we did

Robbie completed the training period and passed various industry related qualifications including CSCS, Manual Handling, Asbestos Awareness, PASMA, Abrasive Wheels and Vehicle Reverse Marshalling.

Robbie started a two week work trial with Mulholland Contracts Ltd learning groundwork. Initially Robbie struggling with his timekeeping, to which Action for Children ensured that he had an alarm clock. He was having difficulty with his finances, Action for children provided lunch vouchers for him so that he would be able to eat when he was at work.

The foreman at Mulholland was very understanding of Robbie's situation and supported his progress as he could see that Robbie was very keen about his work and great potential.


Happy in the workplace 

Robbie's progress was amazing during the extension of his work trial and he was offered employment. Robbie has been employed by Mulholland Contracts Ltd for 2 years and has gained further certificates through his employer including dumper, confined spaces, and Abrasive Wheels tickets and he is now a skilled labourer in groundwork.

Comment from Robbie about Action for Children

" Action for Children changed my life for the best as they gave me something to look forward to in life. They gave me routine and something to target myself".

Comment from Robbie about Mulholland Contracts Ltd.

" They have helped me progress in my groundwork career and it's a great job. There has been a few hiccups but I've got through it. Mulholland are also great with the younger people".