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In Inverclyde we run several programmes: Challenge, Employability fund stage 2,3 and 4, Skills and Reach out.


What is the Challenge programme?

The challenge programme is delivered over 6-8 weeks and is designed to support young people who have entered into the early stages of employability support.

This unique training opportunity allows you to take part in a practical challenge usually identified within your local area.

The focus is on practical construction type work experience for those who are looking for an opportunity within the labour market but are finding it difficult to get started.

What will you get out of it?

The programme gives you a unique opportunity to participate directly on a functioning work site.

Under the supervision of construction trained staff you will participate in a variety of work covering aspects in landscaping, painting and decorating, groundwork and joinery.

The programme also covers interview techniques, employers expectations, work discplines, core skills and confidence building.

Employability fund stage 2

What is the programme?

Our programme is delivered over 12 weeks.

Stage 2 aims to lay employability foundations, focusing on personal development, essential/core skills and introductory work experience.

Participants are aged 16-24 years and are often care leavers, carers, young offenders or have additional support needs.

Our flexible "menu" of personal development and employability awards/certification helps address barriers, develop core skills and increase work readiness.

Stage 2 provision has three key elements:

  1. induction and pastoral support
  2. accredited personal development and employability skills at SCQF level 3 (minimum 18 SCQF credits)
  3. work experience

What will you get out of it?

The focus on personal development, essential and core skills and introductory work experience will help you to develop core skills and increase your work readiness.

Employability fund stage 3

What is the programme?

We provide industry-led training and accreditation, including core training/certification required to enter the construction sector.

Over 10 weeks (30 hours per week) we offer:

  1. Higher level employability skills at SCQF level 4 (up to 34 SCQF credits). Awards include SQA employability award (6 SCQF credits), SQA steps to work award (12 SCQF credits), SQA wellbeing award (6 SCQF credits), bronze/silver youth achievement award (7 SCQF credits) and SQA certificate of work readiness (34 SCQF credits).
  2. Construction skills/vocational training. This includes SCQF Level 1 award health and safety in a construction environment, manual handling and health and safety awareness. As an awarding body for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) we issue the provisional/red cards required for work experience and green cards demonstrating competency for site work.
  3. Work placements

What will you get out of it?

We upskill you, ready for a competitive labour market and enhance core employability skills sought by employers, focusing on customer-facing skills including communication, problem solving and teamwork.

You will receive accreditation at SCQF Level 4 and relevant workplace experience evidences skills and improves future employability.

Employability fund stage 4

What is the programme?

Stage 4 provides industry standard training/qualifications and real work experience leading to full time employment.

The Employability fund stage 4 programme aims to support your continued progression through the Strategic Skills Pipeline (SSP), maximising positive outcomes and sustained employment through a four week Sector Based Work Academy (SBWA) for construction.

The model and training is adapted to meet the needs of employers in the local area.

Our sector based work academy consists of four elements:

  1. Industry standard training/accreditation (core training/basic level certification required for all construction employment includes SCQF level 4 award health and safety in a construction environment, manual handling, health and safety awareness and CSCS cards. Accreditation includes abrasive wheels, small plant tools, fire marshall, asbestos awareness, PASMA/working at heights and grass cutting/trimmers).
  2. Intensive job search
  3. Work placement/work trial
  4. Employer interview

What will you get out of it?

The programme equips you with industry standard training/qualifications and "real work" experience.

Reach out

What is the programme?

Aimed at young people aged 14-18 facing considerable difficulties and disadvantages in their lives and through no fault of their own have been separated from their families.

Our programme will provide you with work related certification and vocational qualifications, providing you with tangible evidence of achievements.

What will you get out of this?

As well as the certification and qualifications, the programme will help to instil self-esteem and self-belief.

We encourage your ongoing participation in further education, training and learning opportunities.


What is the programme?

Skills is a short personal development programme aimed at supporting you if you are aged between 16-24 to progress you into opportunities in training, education and employment.

A dedicated key worker helps you to overcome previous and ongoing barriers which may be stopping you from getting employed.

Key workers complete a needs assessment and identify areas of support required and set realistic achievable goals for you.

We build on your existing skill base by involving you in activities such as independent travel, opening bank accounts, healthy living, CV and employability workshops and work taster sessions.

The final step is matching and supporting you into appropriate opportunities on the next stage of the Strategic Employability Skills Pipeline.

When are these programmes running?

Get in touch with your local office to find out when programmes in Inverclyde are next happening.

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Craig's story

Craig was a service user in Inverclyde from 2013-15. He had a history of offending behaviour and was referred to the service whilst he was on probation.

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