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Quality and assessments

Quality and assessments

The quality of the range of clubs and activities which are provided through Essex Short Breaks Clubs and Activities is of paramount importance to us.

We want the children, young people and families who use our service providers to have a fantastic experience, feel supported and fully included. 

Quality assessed from the start

When applying, our service providers follow a thorough process to provide us with everything we need to know about their individual clubs and activities.
Throughout this rigorous process we will ensure that everything is in place to enable a safe, enjoyable and happy experience.

The process includes checking that the provider has:

  • all the required policies and procedures in place
  • the correct levels of insurance
  • current and up to date safeguarding and DBS checks
  • latest business accounts

The process allows opportunity for service providers to adapt their clubs and activities for the future, to meet the needs and desires of children, young people and families across Essex.

This process is governed by an external panel made up of members from the professional services of children with disabilities, as well as parents and carers.

This means that from day one, our providers have been quality assured.


In the Essex Short Breaks Clubs and Activities team, we get to know the providers really well. We regularly visit services throughout Essex and see the activities taking place. We meet the service provider's teams of dedicated, trained and knowledgeable staff and observe the fantastic job they do.

We meet the children and young people who are attending the club or activity and talk to them about what they enjoy most about their experiences.

We join in too, to really understand what that club or activity is like and what it means to all those who attend.

We use a system of informal and formal visits where we work closely with our service providers, to continually support them.

We also work with other partner organisations across Essex so that we can signpost our service providers to other professionals, who can offer specialised support to their particular club or activity.

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