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About our services

About our services

Providing support that enables Young People to meet friends, have someone to talk to and be listened to, whilst having fun and feeling happy.

Our Universal Offer

We support Young People aged 11-19 years and those up to 25 years with SEND. No referral is required, simply go to 'What's happening in your community' to see what's going in your area.

  • Local Youth groups and activities provided in your community and online
  • Information , advice and guidance
  • Online employability service

Our Targeted Offer

We support Young People who need a little extra help aged 11-19 years and those up to 25 years with SEND. Go to our 'Getting Support' to find out how we can support you.

  • 1:1 Youth Work for those that need a little extra support
  • Blues Programme: group support in schools focusing on changing how you think to change what you do
  • Focussed group work for young people with a shared needs
  • Criteria: Low Self-esteem, low confidence, lack of social opportunity, needing co-ordination of support
  • SilverCloud: An online self-help programme using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based techniques

Criteria: Low level anxiety, depression

Our Specialist Offer

We support Young People aged 11-19 years and those up to 25 years with SEND. A referral is required for these services, ask a  professional you are working with to refer you or self-refer by filling our online referral form.

  • Wellbeing Practitioners. Offering one to one CBT support to Young People.

Criteria: Anxiety, low mood, panic disorders, obsessive behaviours, changes in behaviour and feeling

  • Dreadnought. Offering Group Support
  • Dreadnought. Offering one to one support

A specialist issue-based service for young people aged 11-19 years or 25 years with SEND with a specifically identified mental health need, who are experiencing significant impairment to their ability to engage in day to day life.

Criteria: Referral made to CAMHS that does not meet the threshold for the service. A CAMHS assessment has been undertaken but no ongoing therapeutic intervention has been put in place. Discharged from in-patient services and in need of support to re-engage. The Young Person is registered as CIN / CP / In-care. At risk of exclusion from school or school refusal.