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North West Fostering

Everything We Do is About Supporting Our Carers

91% polled in the past year say we have made their job easier and 85% prefer fostering to their previous job.

“I am given support in any given situation with my placement from Action for Children. They provide more support than the local authorities.”

- Action for Children Carer

Whether you have just started to look at fostering, or have thought about it for years, we are here to help.

Some of our support includes:-

• Weekly payments of up to £620
• 24 hour advice line
• Regular breaks
• Support for children's behaviour

“It’s like a big family so it doesn't feel like a job at all.”

- Action for Children Carer

"There are trusting and loving relationships between the carers and the children. The children flourish in this environment because they experience family life, and they like the new and challenging experiences."

Ofsted Inspection Report

This is how Action for Children Works