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Child and Family Health services

Child and Family Health services

We work closely with midwifery, community health and speech and language teams to provide a range of child and family health services available across the cluster including antenatal support, health visitor clinics, midwife clinics, emotional well being, health and nutrition advice, speech and early language development and smoking cessation.

Our Centres work in partnership with community health teams and the NHS to make sure your family’s health and wellbeing needs are met. We have a range of child and family health services available across the cluster, these include:  



Child Health Visitor Clinics


  We support a number of baby clinics in Worcester City where Health Visitors and Family Support Outreach Workers are available to answer any child development questions you may have about your baby. 


  Child health clinics are free and informal drop-in clinics run by health visitors, supported by your centre team and local volunteers, for parents and carers of children aged 0 to 3 years old.  


  • Make it easy for you to access health advice and information 
  • Help you to meet other local parents and make friends 
  • Provide opportunities for your baby/toddler to explore and socialise with others.


  The current health clinic timetable, scheduled at your nearest centre, is shown below.







Midwife Clinics


  Worcester City Centre's work with the local community midwives team to run both antenatal and postnatal clinics. You can request that you are seen at your local Centre after your first visit from your midwife.  


Information and Guidance on Breastfeeding 


 Several groups are run throughout Worcester, offering breastfeeding support and advice from a trained breastfeeding specialist, for example, Health Visitor, Midwife or Breastfeeding Support Worker. The aim of the groups is to enable mothers and babies to breastfeed as long as they want.


  If you are a breastfeeding mum, or pregnant, and want more information about breastfeeding, why not come along to a breastfeeding support group?  


  • Meet and compare tips with other breastfeeding mums 
  • See a trained professional who will answer any questions you may have 
  •  Or just pop in and have a chat and breastfeed your baby in a truly "Baby Friendly" environment! 


 The group is now held at The Hive every Friday 11.30am to 12.30pm. No booking necessary, just turn up and join in for free.   


Let's Start Eating 


 If you are thinking about introducing solid foods to your baby, why not come along to Let’s Start Eating, a regular advice session led by health visitors. With advice on how to help you child develop and grow, with information and guidance on a range of healthy and nutritious foods. 


 Let's Start Eating sessions are held across South Worcestershire, to find your nearest group and for further information, please contact your local centre.  






Sure Start Vitamins


 Vitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs in small amounts so that it can work properly. Even though you can get lots of vitamins from a healthy balanced diet, you still might not get everything you need at certain times in your life – such as when you’re pregnant, a new mum or a small child. So UK health departments recommend that at these times you should take a supplement containing specific vitamins to make sure you get everything you need. 


 Healthy Start Vitamins can be picked up at your local Centres. 


 Please visit the Healthy Start NHS website for further information regarding health and vitamins:   


Speech and Early Language Development


 Our Centres work to provide a language rich environment, both within the centre and at the outreach sessions that we provide.


 If you would like more information or for your child to be referred to a speech and language therapist, please contact your local centre to find your nearest speech and language drop-in.





  For further information click here.



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