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Stoke-on-Trent Aiming High

New activities for 2017


Stoke City Community Trust are starting their work with us by providing 2 family activities of Stadium tours in February half term. The stadium tour lasts an hour and we have been flexible to ensure that all can enjoy the tour at a pace that suits the individual. The tour will take in a number of areas within the Bet365 stadium including: 1863 suite, sir Stanley Matthews suite, First team and away team changing rooms and pitch side including the dugout.

More tours and other activities will follow in future brochures.


Creative Outdoor Group will be providing a range of exciting outdoor activities. To start with two half day bush craft sessions are being offered in a heated tent! This will involve cooking and making fire – don’t worry, they are very experienced and we promise it will be safe.


Action for Children As a result of feedback both children and families Staffordshire and Gifted will be putting on activities which include Graffiti.

The Gifted graffiti session will involve the young people developing their names in Graffiti text, filming it moving and developing beat box music to run underneath the movement of letters.

Action for Children are trialling a shopping and costa activity at Freeport, where the children can have a browse around the shops and then relax at Costa Coffee. This activity will be repeated if it is well taken up.

Action for children will also be trialling a family swimming session at Jubilee 2, as a direct response from family feedback at current sessions.

We are also talking to a drama provider and hope to have this in place by the April 2017 brochure.


FRONTlINEdance Following feedback from the parent survey we have decided to introduce a new activity from FRONTLINEdance called ‘Adventure Club’. This session will focus on development delays often found in children with disabilities; the adventure club will focus on developing Maths and English via a cross-curricular method that will be lots of fun! The learning will be secondary but will develop skills by using a ‘physically doing’ approach. This method has worked well when delivered in Special Schools. It is a social activity where children can learn, have fun and make new friends.


Aiming High We hope that you have been enjoying the range of sensory play activities that the Aiming High Programme has to offer. Our sensory rooms are a great opportunity for children to stretch out on the soft mats, look at the different coloured lights, listen to soft music and become tactile with the equipment. Sensory play has a very calm and relaxed feel to it and can be a great experience for the children, especially for those in wheelchairs.


Watermill We have decided to include some additional sensory play sessions from Watermill. These sessions will be for children who are very mobile and active that also enjoy the sensory experience but this will be in a more energetic environment.



Additional Information

We hope that the children and young people enjoyed their summer activities. Over the holidays we offered 1165 places on activities of which 975 were booked. Unfortunately in 128 of cases children did not turn up to activities. Please could parent/carers let us know if they can’t come if at all possible? We know things happen at the last minute and children are unwell or may not be able to attend. We may be able to reallocate cancelled places if we have enough time.

We hope that you have been enjoying the range of family activities that are in the Aiming High Programme. A family activity is a fantastic opportunity to bring all family members together and to enjoy watching your children play and learn alongside their peers. Can we please remind you that on a family activity, parents/carers are responsible for their own children and the Aiming High staff are there as additional support only.

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