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One of our young people’s practitioner Andrew now organises Action for Children activities and he has looked carefully at the 2016 Parents Carer Survey and he explains below what he has organised.

As you know there is a very broad spectrum of disability across the service and hopefully the October to December brochure will offer something different reflecting on the needs of everybody.

There are five trips of which four of these are accessible to wheelchair users, they include a trip to Jodrell Bank where you can explore the wonders of the universe and learn more about the workings of the giant Lovell Telescope.

The Animal Zone is an opportunity to enjoy a hands on experience with the animals. And in December we are taking a trip to see the Christmas panto, ‘Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates’ at the Mitchell Memorial Theatre.

Following the success of the recent trip to Tittesworth, we felt that a more challenging walk would be suitable for the more adventurous. So a walk round the reservoir has been organised with the support of the local ranger who will be stopping at various points of interest.

We have also a session specifically for wheelchair users to have fun with sport and games as a trial For families we have organised five activities including two sessions at the Super Play Factory where the children can enjoy the fabulous soft play area while the parents/carers can get a drink from the café.

Make Some Noise will be at Hazel Trees in Fenton.

There will be an opportunity to take a short visit round Middleport Pottery and create a masterpiece out of clay in the studio.

In December we are transforming Sneyd Green Community into a cinema with the help of Reels On Wheels who are going to provide us with a Christmas film of your choice.