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Stoke-on-Trent Aiming High

Parent Carer Survey 2016

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We asked parents and carers about the Aiming high service and a summary of what you said and what we will do is below:

We had replies from people whose children had a broad range of ages and disabilities.


We have completed a detailed report and discussed this with our staff team all our providers, our commissioner, and parent forum representatives.


Choices of activities and ideas for different activities

Generally the majority of people were satisfied with the range of activities, however some felt the range was not sufficient.

  • We are at all suggestions, and have put on more weekend activities and day trips out for the summer.

  • We have decided not to organise theme park trips due to the cost and the limited numbers that could take part. We have also assessed Flip Out but this is too risky for us to take groups to.

  • As we have to set the programme a long way in advance this makes arranging cinema trips difficult as we don’t know what will be on and if it will be suitable.

  • Popular activities not being available We do look at which activities are more popular and try to arrange more. We do arrange as many pony riding as we can but they are very expensive needing one staff, and it’s difficult to get enough slots at the stables to meet demand. We do try to give all children who want to do this an opportunity.


More family activities

We have been developing out family activity programme recently. The closure of the Adventure Playground has meant we weren’t able to continue with this venue and we are trying new activities.


Meeting needs some people felt specific needs around physical disability and medical needs weren’t catered for enough.

Activities for wheelchair users- we ask all our providers to make their activities accessible and adapt them for wheelchair users and at present the large majority are accessible.

We are able to arrange for children to be peg fed at any activity by trained Action for Children staff being present, if the provider is not able to do this. We will always look at how personal care can be provided as well so please ask.


Age groups and activities

Some people feel that is less available to older young people. We have brought Regent College into the programme for this reason. There are Youth Clubs available in Stoke for some older disabled young people – please ask us for details about these.


Overnight breaks

We are not able to arrange overnight breaks at present due to new OFSTED regulations which came in in 2014.


Learning skills and independence

While at present we don’t have sessions to teach specific skills all providers feel children do progress while they are at activities. We will look recording children’s progress in diaries and some providers will look at certificates of achievement.



Some parents would like siblings to come along to activities, we have considered this and feel this isn’t part of the Aiming High programme. We do have family activities for siblings to come to and if siblings are affected by having a disabled sibling please ask us about other services that may be available.


Booking activities

People said it was still hard to get through on the phone, others said emails get responded to and this works well.


We have looked carefully at telephone bookings and due to a change in our computer systems we are hoping to improve this soon.


New activities

One of our young people’s practitioner Andrew now organises Action for Children activities and he has looked carefully at the survey and he explains below what he has organised.