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Build Sound Minds

Build Sound Minds is a campaign for improving young people’s emotional wellbeing. We offer advice on how to support your child - and look after yourself.

Build Sound Minds is a campaign to build better mental and emotional wellbeing in young people. We share resources and guidance for parents, from Action for Children’s mental health services team.

We should all be talking more about how we’re feeling - not waiting until there’s a serious problem. Just like our physical health, our emotional wellbeing needs care and attention. The first step is creating a positive conversation about mental health.

In giving you the knowledge and tools to support your children in this way, we can help them find ways to manage their feelings from an earlier age. That’s means that when they do face difficulties, they can find ways to bounce back.

At Action for Children we work with more than 300,000 children, young people and families. Mental and emotional wellbeing is at the core of all we do - we see first-hand the difference that can be made when we intervene early to transform a child’s life. As part of our wider work on emotional wellbeing, we also run The Blues programme, a mental health programme for teenagers in schools.


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