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New activities for Autumn 2019

New Provider

YMCA GO is  part of YMCA North Staffordshire. We will be running a session every second Sunday of the month covering dance, drama and performance. Our youth workers have unique skillsets in this area and deliver an exciting, engaging and interactive class including which will promote independence, socialisation, communication, mobility and self-awareness.

Our venues are naturally lit, accessible & safe spaces and our staff are DBS checked and safeguarding trained.

Our dance workshops offer a wide range of benefits beyond the obvious improvements in coordination and physical fitness. Regular dancing can lead to strengthened muscle tone, help to maintain concentration and focus and build a person’s sense of self-confidence.

Dance can also provide a valuable outlet for self-expression that can be enormously beneficial for people who might have difficulty communicating in other ways, thus reducing their sense of frustration and enabling them to build better relationships with people. Our Drama sessions aim to improve and help maintain social and language skills of young people with improvisational drama contributing to improved reading achievement and attitude.


New Activity

Wildlings is a group with a twist with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust! Come along and try new things outdoors. You could swing in a hammock, get mucky making a mud pie and sing songs around the campfire, all in the woods.

All sessions include a hot drink for adults, plus juice and snacks for children.

Children come along to explore the various activities such as mud kitchen, mud painting, hammocks, slackline, a nature trail, a natural craft, sensory exploration or a campfire! This gives children a real sense of the wild! We encourage parents to take a little bit of a step back and allow their children to explore their surroundings, encouraging independence, socialisation, communication, mobility and self-awareness.

The sessions are very relaxed - a lot of children find being outside is a different experience, allowing them to relax a bit more and get involved. We have had feedback from parents that the sessions are unique and provide a very different experience to a playgroup in an echoing village hall. 

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