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COVID-19: Information and support

COVID-19: Information and support
For parents and carers:
  • Need someone to talk to? Give us a call and talk to our staff Monday to Friday during the day.
    Please call: 79710958394 (Until 8th May). Please leave a message if the phone isn’t answered.

For children and young people.

  • Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    An easy to read guide tells you what you need to know about Coronavirus.

  • Picture cards: Corona virus (COVID -19)
    A collection of cut up and use images to support effective communication skills. Support understanding by using short sentences and illustrating key words with these images. Support expression by supporting the user to manipulate the images to illustrate their thoughts/ questions.

  • Stay at home: An easy to read guide for people with Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    An easy to read guide for people with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Coping with COVID-19 Isolation
    This information pack aims to support parents of children with an ASD or LD during this tricky time and will hopefully make things a little more manageable. This Booklet was put together by colleagues in Community Family Psychology, Neurodevelopmental Team and Children’s Occupational Therapy.

  • Beyond words - Beating the virus (COVID-19)
    A short wordless story, that will help people to understand what to do if you have Coronavirus and how to keep yourself and those who you care about safe. The story also shows how to safely help others who may be self-isolating. Supplementary text at the end of the story gives information on where people can seek help if they are unwell and signposts to other useful resources. Illustrated by Lucy Bergonzi.

  • Getting better in hospital: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    This easy read is about when people with coronavirus might need to go to hospital.
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