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Heritage and Inclusion Project

Charter Mark

Charter Mark

The charter aims to show young people that their school actively includes and supports them, helping them to identify their rights, and provides understanding and support to their individual needs.

 Over the past 3 years, Action for Children have undertaken an extensive research programme meeting weekly with 60 multi-cultural young people from 20 nationalities. The project has provided safe environments, building trust, gathering evidence and developing sustainable life - changing opportunities for participants. They have also completed their Duke of Edinburgh Award, crucial for their future.

Throughout the 3-year project, young people took part in Heritage work and various activities that explored:
- Employment and further education
- Inclusion in the community
- Racism & prejudice
- Social justice
- Cultural barriers and raising awareness
- Developing skills, volunteering opportunities and physical activity
- Reaching out to minority ethnic families

We co-produce our Cultural Proficiency Charter Mark with our young people as a direct response to our findings.

In January 2017 the young people took the charter to Action for Children’s Dragons funding stream and pitched their idea which was successful and the charter was awarded funding to create a cultural proficiency tool kit.

The charter has been successfully piloted in the capitals Broughton High School & The Royal High School and in 2 youth organisations in Glasgow with substantial outcomes. The young people are now implementing their recommendations to Scottish Government, Local Authority and The Scottish Parliament Committee’s with the backing of various MSP’s and cross party groups.

Action for Children’s Heritage & Inclusion Project would like to thank Heritage Lottery, LGBT Youth Scotland, Edinburgh secondary schools, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Action for Children’s senior leadership team who has supported our vision and our charter journey.

Our official Cultural Proficiency Charter Mark will be launched in September 2018


Cultural Proficiency Charter Mark Guidance Leaflet pdf