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Our Approach

Empowering children to develop their own ways of coping

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We are a small, friendly and professional team who will always listen and respect each child's needs.

Space 4 U meets each specific child's needs, enabling them by treating them as an individual, who is able to achieve.


Aims of the service

  • To feel that their health and well being has improved
  • To have increased self esteem and self worth
  • To have increased confidence in themselves and their abilities related to their situation
  • To have reduced feelings of anxiety and guilt
  • To have increased readiness to learn, engage with school, or attend training and employment where this has been an issue
  • To feel more able to cope with their situation
  • To feel more able to participate in hobbies or pass-times
  • To feel more confident with life skills, such as first aid in the home, dealing with emergencies ad how to prepare simple food and drink
  • To know how and where to ask for help, again if they need it


How we work

  • We engage with each child at an appropriate level to them.
  • We listen to what the child wants to tell us.
  • We empathise and work with the child to build resilience.
  • We empower the child to make informed choices about their own lives.  
  • We educate each child to keep themselves and others safe.
  • We strive to offer pro social activities to encourage peer to peer engagement.
  • We identify other support networks that can help too, and signpost where necessary
  • We speak out for children and give them a voice when they may not have always been heard.