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Delivering iDEA Awards

Delivering iDEA Awards

Do you want to achieve an industry recognised qualification?

Inspire IT/Dell have a new and exciting e-learning offer, the digital equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, which is now available for all young people to gain industry recognised qualifications, accessible from any device.

As part of Action for Children’s National Programmes, Inspire IT have been supported by Dell over the past 10 years to enable us to continue to bridge the digital divide for some of the most disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

iDEA Awards can be accessed by any young person aged 11+ and can be accessed from any device with internet connection.

Simply go to and register your details to create a profile. Once registered go back into your profile to enter the organisation code AFCKER-DELL-INSPIREIT and you are ready to start completing your badges.


iDEA Badges are interactive online modules, created in consultation with industry experts that you can access anywhere, on any device. They vary in length and difficulty and iDEA has a huge range of badges you can choose from, just pick one that interests you and get started.


iDEA’s different learning categories cover topics as diverse as cyber-security, cloud computing, e-safety; and animation, growth hacking, customer relationship management and web development.

  • CITIZEN badges help you to learn digital awareness, safety and ethics.
  • WORKER badges teach you tools and techniques which are useful in the workplace and employability skills.
  • MAKER badges are all about digital creativity and show you how to build and make in the digital world.
  • ENTREPRENEUR badges are how to help you learn to originate ideas and bring them to life.

GAMER badges help you to learn gamification techniques and teach you how to make games.